Pro Solutions ~ HOA Assessment Collections

We are your final answer.

Our mission

is to provide professional, but caring, collection services to the community association industry with a need for collection of delinquent assessments.

Our sole focus

is the integration of that delinquent owner into the community at large. This is achieved through communication, commitment, and caring people who maintain the elevated standards of our founder, Janet Quinn Dennis.

To support this commitment

, and improve the services offered to our clients, we continually invest in new technologies, review our processes, and most importantly, train our people to understand those principles.

Why use Pro Solutions?

  • Experienced, Friendly Staff
  • Online Access to Status Reports
  • Homeowners Can Make Online Payments

Our services

  • No-Risk Collections
  • No hidden costs
  • Creditor Bankruptcy Services
  • Small Claims & Post-Judgment Assistance
  • Collection of judgments
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) or
  • Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR)
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“Pro Solutions staff is always courtesy and willing to take the time to explain the process or current owner's situation -- no matter how trivial the issue to them.”
Jacquie Dynes,
Dynamic CID Management